Module Marketing courses - 6th Semester

601_2 Marketing - Brand Management SBC 4   150,0 6,0
602_2 Advertising Campaign Planning and Organization / Communications Policy SC 4 1 150,0 6,0
603_2 Research Methodology & Market Research SC 4 1 150,0 6,0
  TOTAL / WEEK   12 2 450,0 30,0


Marketing - Brand Management

The meaning of the brand name, Basic concepts of brand name, brand name selection, logo selection, Copyright of brand name, The role of the Internet in brand name management, international brands, Advantages and disadvantages of international brands, formulation and adaptation strategy, Basic Rules of international brand product management, development and maintenance over time of strong brands, the theory Guidance in Brand Name, brand development philosophy within the company, Development and design of successful brands.


Advertising Campaign Planning and Organization / Communications Policy

Media, advertising media above the line and below the line, Media shops, sponsorship, Greek Code of Advertising, Advertising and European law, ethics of advertising function, the identity and characteristics of the target public and the advertising media, strategic objectives and planning of advertising media, types and forms of advertising campaign, Budget and clarification of the advertising account, selection and cost of advertising media, Strategy Power campaign, area market, time market, fees market, Methods of assessing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


Research Methodology & Market Research

Introduction to research methodology, principles of market research, research design, types of research, sources of primary and secondary data for marketing research, quantitative and qualitative market research, modern ways of collecting data, the concept of measurement and measurement scales in market research, surveys, questionnaire design, primary data collection methods using exit-polls, the concept and procedures of sampling, basic principles and main methods of analysis of empirical data, special topics of market research.