Module Marketing courses - 7th Semester

701_2 Strategic Marketing SC 4   150,0 6,0
702_2 Sales Organization and Management SC 4 1 150,0 6,0
703_2 Internet Marketing - Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) SC 3 2 150,0 6,0
  TOTAL / WEEK   11 3 450,0 30,0


Strategic Marketing

Perceptions and timeless mission business, Marketing Management in the Marketing subsystem (the asset value of the brand, the analysis of value for the customer, marketing using databases, e-commerce, value networks, hybrid channels, the supply chain management, integrated marketing communications, etc.), decision-making in marketing Management (Methods and criteria for decision-making). The process steps of Marketing Management, Business Plans. New forms of communication such as marketing of experiences, the entertainment marketing and the contagious marketing.


Sales Organization and Management

Introduction to Sales Organization and Management. Defining the roles of director of sales and sellers. The design strategy and budget. The organization of the sales staff. Assessment opportunities and sales forecasts. Search and selection of vendors. The sellers training. Creating incentives. Compensation of sellers. Design of sales territories. Determination of efficiency measures. Assessment and control.


Internet Marketing - Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM)

Theoretical foundations of CRM, relationship marketing, customer orientation of the firm, satisfaction and client retention, change of business, business adapt to environment, a culture of learning. Basic functions of CRM: two-way communication with customers, customer data mining. Stages of implementation of CRM, determinants of success of CRM. The role of the CRM strategy in the broader business strategy. Business applications with suitable software and using the Internet, interactive communication with customers, extracting and analyzing customer information.