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Welcome to the Department of Business Administration Patras

 Dear visitor,

The world of work and business are changing. How do global markets operate, how can we make use of them and what do ethical business and entrepreneurship really mean? These are some of the key questions when studying Business, Administration & Management Science, which involve the application of both conceptual and practical knowledge. As organizations seek to meet business challenges, their futures will increasingly depend on the abilities of their staff. Gaining a business, management, marketing, accounting and finance and management information systems qualification opens doors to new opportunities. The Department of Business Administration at Patras offers a modern and solid core study program, along with three distinct study modules to choose from, each leading to specialized degrees. Our fourteen tenure and nineteen adjunct staff provide practically decades of combined working and teaching experience, along with high academic qualifications.

Upon successful completion of studies, graduates will acquire skills and be able to very adequately perform (depending on the chosen study module, see next section) a variety of tasks, such as: authoring of business, strategic, tactical and operational plans, rational decision-making, project management, operations management, logistics, enterprise resource planning (ERP), statistical research, forecasting, marketing and market research, financial management, quality management, management of information systems.

The Department has at its disposal several lecture halls and laboratories, using modern computers and software. Several of the halls and laboratories also use projection systems. Synergies among our Department and other Departments of the Business School, cooperation with the office of International Relations and with the office of Practical Training placement offer a total study experience on a par with any comparable Technological Education Institute, and with several University Departments.

Moreover, the Department is currently planning an independent and very competitive postgraduate study program, expected to be fully implemented during the 2015 – 16 academic year, at the latest.

Finally, the Department has a vibrant student community, currently more than 3000 strong, which makes for an interestingly rich and colorful student experience.


Professor H. Antonopoulou

Department of Business Administration, Patras