The Department of Business Administration (Patras) of T.E.I. Western Greece has as its cornerstone and core mission, the research and the production and transmission of knowledge. For this reason it has established the necessary infrastructure for the creation of new knowledge through research and participation in research programs and international research organizations and partnerships.

For the Department research is a key pillar of its strategy for sustainable development. With the research activities of its members but also its institutionalized research laboratories, the Department evolves, innovates and strengthens its position in the research map of Greece and in the European Union. The activities carried out by members of the Department in research are based either in the theoretical research, which aims to promote scientific and technological knowledge  published in international journals, proceedings of scientific conferences etc., or on applied research, which is intended to explore technological issues and serious problems in the economy and society.

The main objective of Research is the active participation in the European research area through the promotion of original theoretical and applied research in a wide range of scientific areas of business management. The Department of Business Administration of TEI Western Greece is a research oriented institute, emphasizing in its development as an international educational center and in the cooperation with academic and scientific institutions abroad. The Department aims to develop, organize and maintain cooperation and good international relations in the light of international scientific intervention abroad by promoting: a) the international mobility of students and staff as well as the international cooperation and b) inter-university agreements within the European educational programs.




Laboratories are a fundamental axis of the research conducted at the Department of Business Administration (Patras) of T.E.I. of Western Greece. They are designed to perform high-level research and increase the knowledge created by research groups with common or complementary research interests. The purpose of each laboratory is directly related to directions or disciplines of the Department.


Laboratory «Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation" - Director: Dr. S. Andonopoulou, Professor

The laboratory serves the needs of research, development and innovation of the social partners and specialized training in the fields of entrepreneurship and digital innovation at local, regional, national and international level. Specifically, E.D.I. Lab is active in the fields: Digital Business Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Information Systems Security and Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Digital Services and Technologies in various sectors such as education (design, development, distribution and evaluation of educational services and educational material in digital format and training programs, certification of education etc.), health, e-government etc., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Digital Marketing and eBusiness, Large Scale Data Analysis, Electronic Supply Chain, Intelligent Information Systems - Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Logic Programming techniques, Applied research for innovative products and services in the field of lifelong learning with innovative methods of providing educational services to support learning, Development of Multimedia Systems, Development of Algorithms and optimization techniques.


Laboratory "Business Planning and Decision Making" - Director: Dr. I. Mitropoulos, Professor

The Laboratory is designed to serve educational and research needs in the fields of Management and Economics, Quantitative Methods in Decision Making and in Management Information Systems. The activities of the laboratory are based on two pillars:

A. Support of educational activities within the Department's curriculum and educational / training programs implemented through: the modernization of teaching methods, certifications by Certification bodies of Vocational Training Structures and Accompanying Services, familiarity in modern decision-making tools, strengthening of knowledge, abilities and skills of beneficiaries, work experience through partnerships with companies and organizations, providing personalized guidance from experts / experienced partners (mentoring) in order to transfer knowledge, skills or know-how, simulation of works management functions, procedures and decision-making problems through special training software, development of operational, strategic and tactical development plans of enterprises and organizations preparation of planning studies and project management, conducting market research, surveys and forecasts, making rational decisions functioning of economic entities, planning budgeting and monitoring cash flows, applying management methods of total quality in projects and programs, drafting proposals for ISO, development and management of IT systems management, Innovation management and organizational change.

B. Support and development of research activity / - diffusion of the knowledge and services to third parties such as: Business planning and integrated business plans, Conducting statistical field surveys, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development, Systems Optimization, Supply Chain, Transport, project management strategy, portfolio and program, evaluation methodologies development, Management and Project Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Sustainable Development, Study of specific types of projects (eg projects through self-financing, public-private partnerships), Study of special projects management issues (technical projects, IT projects), Design methodologies and integrated management information systems, e-shop development, Development of training materials and modern technology, studies or research projects to private operators and the public sector.


During recent years, the Department has achieved significant funding from external sources, mainly from the European Union, in a highly competitive environment. The quantity and quality of research projects has sustained high growth rates which highlights the effectiveness and validity of the research effort done in the Department.


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